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Archive for December, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone…

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas – Especially the soldiers stationed around the world away from their families. God bless you for serving. God bless your families for enduring and the sacrifices you all make defending freedom around the world. Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless You. Peace, Love, and Reverence,


Learn to Be Still…

I often like looking at water.  It reminds me of an Eagle’s song entitled “Learn to Be Still.  It calms me when the world is all abuzz around me.  Bills, new job, christmas, traffic.  Water has always calmed me. Not only that, but hiking is good for you.  I’m beginning to explore the hiking trails […]


Austin Texas Skyline…

Austin is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever taken pictures in. The people, the music, the culture. I love everything about Austin. I just thought I’d share a couple photographs with you. The sun was bouncing off the skyline like a blow torch and lighting the water. It was beautiful to watch on […]