© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Austin, Texas…

I really love Austin, Texas, especially downtown. It’s picturesque and the people are amazing! I have to say that the city has its own ‘vibe’.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

They’ve just completed the Austonian in downtown which is now the tallest building in Austin. I wonder if they let folks up on the top to take pictures or if you have to live there?

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

My favorite building is usually the Frost Bank Tower. I guess because it’s shiney – reflects the light well. Looks like an ‘owl’ sometimes. I haven’t placed my finger on it but I’ve sure taken alot of photographs of it.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Some photographs I play with in Photoshop or paint shop pro. I think I found a tutorial on turning photographs in to paintings such as this, but I’ve since forgotten where and how to do it.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

Austin when the sun goes down is another story. So much to do, see, taste, smell. There’s music everywhere down 6th street and it’s just so ‘alive’ and beautiful.

© copyright 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I guess you can see why I love this area so much. It’s interesting, weird, beautiful, musical and just makes me feel like I’m at home. Thanks for stopping by again!

Peace, Love, and Keep Austin Weird,

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  • Snerdey

    Frost is my favorite too. I installed communication equipment on top of the service section of the building. What a view. It really adds a lot to the skyscraper view from the lookout on 360 🙂

  • Bob-O

    I’m planning on going Mount Bonnell and see what I can see- I know the 360 bridge is over there- would also like to see how I could get to the top of one of those skyscrapers to see if I can take a shot or two! :c)

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