© 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Flying Machines…

I’ve noticed that most of the aircraft around our municipal airport are squeeky clean. I’ve thought about how a 1959 Beechcraft K35 could look as good as it did in the showroom over 50 years ago.

© 2009, Robert D. Barrett

And yet, when I see a slightly newer, (1980ish), Canadair CL-600 tucked away in a corner between two buildings – seemingly neglected, it saddens me.

© 2010, Robert D. Barrett

I wonder if it’s down for repairs. Or maybe just being stored. Even worse maybe a toy that’s been cast aside for something better. (My kids do that – Get them the latest and greatest Christmas gift and 3 weeks later it’s forgotten.)

Planes are extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. Hard to believe this work of art is just sitting here. Just making me think, I guess.

Peace, Love, and Plane Spotting,

Sigwhite - Flying Machines...

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