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Heron After…

I remember when I first received my new Nikon fresh from eBay I had already set my sights on photographs I would like to take.

San Gabriel Park here in Georgetown Texas was home to some Blue Herons that I chased up and down the San Gabriel river trying like crazy to get a good shot of him (her).

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

They must have razor sharp vision because I couldn’t seem to get within 200 yards of the bird before it startled and took off.

However, I was fortunate on a couple of days when he wasn’t really paying attention to me and I managed to take his photograph.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

Birds and Bugs are fun to photograph – especially the more challenging ones. This bird was challenging because they’re so shy – dragonflies are another subject – maybe my next one – that are tricky because they move so fast.

Thanks for stopping by and a special thank you to the bloggers of the 30 Day Bloggers Challenge that pop in. I need to get all their links put in on the right over there.

Peace, Love, and Watch The Birdie,


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V7 Network Blog Challenge

Llano Eagle’s Nest…

I haven’t had a chance to visit the nest this winter …I hear the nest has moved. I’m waiting till I can rent or get my hands on a ‘sharper’ lens. – These are my first attempts at it when the nest was closer to the road. The nest was located down Highway 29 toward Llano, Texas.

© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

These are the best of alot of shots. I was still learning my new camera at the time as well. That’s why the images aren’t as sharp as I would like.

© Copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

I wish this next shot would have been sharp – but in all honesty I had a wonderful time just watching this bird feed his family. I nicknamed the two babies “Orville and Wilbur” after the wright brothers.

© copyright 2009, Robert D. Barrett

So alas, my dream is saving up the money for my dream lens – The Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VRII which runs around a good $2,000.00. I tried to rent one but they want a deposit equal to the amount of the lens so I’m still hunting sources so I can go back out and shoot (with a camera) this bird.

Peace, Love, and Eagle’s Wings,


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V7 Network Blog Challenge

Talking Animals…

Have you ever imagined animals talking to you or is it just me? Alright, I’m going out on a limb here. I’ve been thinking all day “what am I going to blog about for this challenge?” I have all this work to do and then I have to get gas and have all these things to do after work.

So I’m sitting there in my truck this morning – and then I look out my window and there is this bird sitting on the curb staring up at me.

© copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

So I eased my camera over to my eye and snapped his picture. He didn’t blink – just sat there. And I could swear he said “So. You think you can just come along and park on my food and expect me to be all happy about it? I’m just sitting here with my stale McDonald’s french fry and YOU decided you had to have THIS parking space and darn near killed me mid bite”.

That must have been what he was trying to tell me. Because at lunch I come out and…

©  copyright 2011, Robert D. Barrett

Well, I found his friends expressing themselves on top of my truck.

So there you have it. All because I didn’t listen or was too busy worrying about MY life to apologize to the little fella I got my truck pooped on. I guess that’ll show me, eh?

I plan to donate my fries to him and all his friends tomorrow. Sort of throw an “I apologize” party and learn to pay closer attention to what’s going on around me.

Well. I’m off to bed now. Big party tomorrow, you know.

Peace, Love, and Feed the Birds,


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V7 Network Blog Challenge


I love photography and it is a huge part of how I keep my sanity in these troubled times.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

These seagulls all have one thing in common. They all the want the piece of bread I have in my hand. (I know – I conned them in to a photo op). Such is what I’m finding in the job market. There are now more people than ever competeting for that same piece of bread than ever before and I’m becoming frustrated.

It’s frustrating that with all the talk of job creation and “stimulous’  that WALL STREET seems to be the only one making a recovery and they are reporting that unemployment is going to get WORSE.  That doesn’t seem to be what I remember being promised.  

Nuff Said – back to job hunting.

Peace, Love, and We’ll Make it After the Next Election,


Birds and Bees…

I love taking photographs of animals – birds, bees, bugs, and you’ll see quite a few of them here once I get started. In the meantime, Enjoy.

Please feel free to visit the original blog (that I may try to import over here(?) at http://bobbarrett.wordpress.com

HummingbirdImage Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

I guess the best quote I ever heard as it pertains to photography is:
“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”- David Alan Harvey”.

I couldn’t have said it better because I was very happy when this hummingbird came along. And even happier when I saw that my trusty camera stopped his little wings.

Peace, Love, and Birds & Bees,