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Naming Your Art Work…

I’ve recently encountered a sort of road block when it comes to naming or titling my photographs. I’ve seen exotic names for some quite excellent pieces but when it comes to titling my own work I find myself, well, hindered somewhat.

Image Copyright © Barrett Photo Art

Take this photograph for example. I stewed over what to call it for quite some time before calling it “Contemplation”.

One reason to call it “Contemplation” is because I spent a lot of time contemplating what to call it. The other reason is because it appears that there was flooding (tangled roots around both the tree and the chair) and they are both contemplating what they are doing there. Secondly, is a great place to go and sit and listen to the wind and contemplate, well…stuff.

They say that the title of the piece is as important as the piece itself. I agree. But for now I think I’ll just take my time and enjoy taking photographs and worry what to name them later. Any thoughts?

Peace, Love, and What’s in a Name,



I love mornings. The smell of coffee. Getting up a little bit early to sort of slowly wind up the day (versus jumping up and racing out the door).

Morning Coffee
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

I also like the wind in my face and the sound of surf. It makes me realize that I really do need more quiet in my life. Alas, those days are coming. The days when I can just walk down the boardwalk to the beach and enjoy the quiet. I think I want to retire someplace tropical. I’m just dreamin’.

To The Water
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Peace, Love, and Quiet Time,


Georgetown Art in the Square…

The first annual Georgetown Art in the Square was one of the most awesome free events I’ve ever been to and was held October 17th and 18th.  The Square was transformed in to an outdoor art gallery with over 150 artists and craftsman of every variety.

Sponsored by the City of Georgetown, New York Times, HEB, and the Arts and Culture Board the event was 2 days of arts and culture that was absolutely amazing.

Alexis Silk, Sculpture
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Alexis Silk displays her wonderful sculptures at the Art in the Square event in Georgetown, Texas. Alexis works in metal and glass and has studied under glass masters Pino Signoretto, Richard Royal and Boyd Sugiki. Visit the website at to see some really fine work.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Sugarpost/Fred Conlon had some absolutely amazing and entertaining metal sculptures. This 6 foot tall skeleton rock star actually had flames that shot out of his guitar neck. Fred hails from Salt Lake City, Utah and you can visit their site at to see some very original and entertaining pieces.  My favorite was the metal bugs carrying off the lawn gnome.

There was just so much art at the show it defies imagination. Paintings, sculptures, metal and wood work, Silk painting, and a huge list much too large to cover here. You simply have to come to Georgetown for the next Art in the Square event hopefully next mid October. I’ll try and keep ya’ll updated on my fair little city.

Peace, Love, and Be Creative,


Fear of Water…Not…

My grandson has absolutely no fear of water and will dive in if not watched. My other grandson was terrified of water at first and didn’t get use to it until 5 or so.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art.

I remember the ocean scaring me to death. Hunter here just walks right in – splashes – dumps water on his head and laughs. He’s amazed by it. Hand him a garden hose and he’s fine. They grow so fast and so much to enjoy. Hug your kids today – they grow up very fast and then they’ll be gone tomorrow (hopefully *wink*).

Peace, Love, and Swimming Hole,


Latest Work and Photoshop Lessons…

I took a photograph of mine to be printed and l learned a new trick. It seems I’ve always used “Sharpen” or “Unsharp Mask” when I wanted to clear some of my photographs up. Then I was introduced to the High Pass Filter. ( THAT’s what it does!)

Blue Hole
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

In photoshop – you make a duplicate of your original layer.  Then select “Filter, Other, High Pass.”

You do not want to go overboard on this – a couple of pixels is fine.  Click “OK” then you set your layer properties to “Overlay”.  This really brings out some detail.

Blue Hole 2
Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

There are TONS of photoshop tutorials on the internet – you can virtually teach yourself anything to tell you the truth.

The photograph is of the( finally)  running water in the San Gabriel River around the Blue Hole area in Georgetown, Texas. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Peace, Love, and Hope the Drought Gets Over,


Irons in the Fire…

Seems these days I have alot of Irons in the Fire. So much so that I look at the lists of what I NEED to do; What I would LIKE to do; What I HAVE to do, and wonder where to start.

I haven’t updated the “Blahg” in awhile due to job hunting and stressing. Other than that I’ve managed a blurb or two on Facebook or a Tweet here and there on Twitter and haven’t really checked my Myspace.

So, Just how many social networking sites can one belong to? I dabble and test them all I suppose.

I do have a favorite blog I like to keep up with and that is the blog of Cricket Walker. There is a lot of life there as well as a lot of WONDERFUL photography. It’s like a very beautiful illustrated book, which is what a good blog should be, I think.

So head over to Cricket Walker’s Blog and relax and enjoy a good read. There are alot of good posts as well as links to wonderful tips and sites you should investigate.

Peace, Love, and Happy Blogging,


Photography as Art…

Do not concern yourself with the questions, “What is art?” or “Who is an artist?” Everything is art. If what you see and do comes from your heart, you are an artist. – Anonymous


Hardware Cost (© Robert Barrett)Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

Simple quote that inspires me to look around and take photographs that make me feel good.

Peace, Love, and Snap Away,


Georgetown Market Days…

Georgetown Texas Market Days went very well today with booths consisting of clothing, artwork, leather goods, handicrafts and lots of wonderful things.

Chers Creations
Cher’s Creations from Round Rock features hand made custom wreaths and floral arrangements with no two being alike.
Silver Mallet Productions has hand tooled leather goods such as wallets, belts, and a whole score of other items.
Market Days
Today’s Market Days had the theme of “In the Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. The next Market will be November 14th, “A Season of Giving”.
This will be perfect for early holiday shopping with all sorts of wonderful gift ideas.

Market Days is located on the square in downtown Georgetown, Texas. Not only do they have wonderfully unique vendors set up around the square but the square in Georgetown has very unique shops for everyone to enjoy making for a very relaxing and fun shopping experience.

Unique Shopping

American Legion

Representatives from community organizations such as the American Legion were also on hand. BJ MacMillan, Dick Miller, Jean and Bill Brownlow and Marion Pierson were on hand enjoying music from Randall. The American Legion was chartered in 1919 by Congress as a patriotic, war-time veterans organization and has since grown to be the nation’s largest wartime organization founded on the values, contributions and sacrifices of those who answered the country’s call to arms. A valuable asset to veterans and the Georgetown community.

Georgetown Fire Department

The Georgetown Fire Department was on hand thrilling the kids with tours of a fire truck and the Georgetown Fire Department Pipes and Drums folks played some bag pipes and made some wonderful music.

It was a wonderful day browsing the vendors and the shops on the square. The kettle corn and Gyros Veggie wraps and the wonderful people that make this happen. Hope to see you all November 14th 9:00a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for the next market days!

Peace, Love and Christmas Come Early Shopping,


Photographs Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art


I love photography and it is a huge part of how I keep my sanity in these troubled times.

Image Copyright © 2009, Barrett Photo Art

These seagulls all have one thing in common. They all the want the piece of bread I have in my hand. (I know – I conned them in to a photo op). Such is what I’m finding in the job market. There are now more people than ever competeting for that same piece of bread than ever before and I’m becoming frustrated.

It’s frustrating that with all the talk of job creation and “stimulous’  that WALL STREET seems to be the only one making a recovery and they are reporting that unemployment is going to get WORSE.  That doesn’t seem to be what I remember being promised.  

Nuff Said – back to job hunting.

Peace, Love, and We’ll Make it After the Next Election,